Member Registration Form

Club Rules

  • Current, paid up membership or guest fees are required to play on our courts.
  • When participating in Tennis or Pickleball mixers or other club events, the event hosts will assign courts.
  • Guest fee guarantees one hour play only. Additional time will depend on court availability after regular members are accommodated.
  • Shirts and proper tennis footwear must be worn on the courts
  • Rude, abusive or aggressive language is prohibited
  • Please observe the “Tennis Canada Rules of the Court” and the “Code of Tennis” (see Publications link)
  • Court booking is optional, but players who have booked a court get priority over those who have not booked.
  • During weekdays, 6-9pm, courts can be booked for a maximum of 1 hour.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your court booking, the booking is cancelled and others may use the court.
  • Only certified instructors who are officially authorized by Elmridge Park Tennis Club management are permitted to offer paid lessons on our courts.

Refund Policy

Elmridge Park Tennis Club offers a refund of the current membership fee in the following circumstances and with these provisos:

  • If injury or illness prevents a member from using his/her membership.
  • The refund request must be submitted in writing no later than June 30th.
  • The request must be supported by medical documentation.
  • The refund is subject to a $20 administration fee.

Elmridge Park Tennis Club reserves the right to refuse any refund request and is under no obligation to grant a refund.


I understand that participation in any sporting activity may be physically demanding, and that participants who have been inactive or have medical problems which may restrict their activity, are advised to consult their physician before participating. I also understand that, as in any sport or fitness program, my participation in club activities, including, but not limited to games, lessons and social activities, may involve risk of normal injury. My signature on this form indicates my acceptance of such risks. I hereby release the Elmridge Park Tennis Club and any other instructors, officers or agents thereof from any claim for loss or injury sustained in the course of any activity it offers, however caused.

I agree to conduct myself in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Club and the direction of its authorized representatives or agents, and acknowledge that my failure to do so may contribute to the injury of myself or others. I further acknowledge that my failure to observe the rules and regulations of the Club may result in my expulsion, and that, in the event of such expulsion, fees paid to the Club are nonrefundable.

By checking the box below, I accept the terms and conditions, stated on this form, for the use of the facilities and/or participation in the activities of the Elmridge Park Tennis Club. I also agree to the use of my picture in still and video images taken during Club activities in printed and electronic promotional materials.