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Top 10 Etiquette

  1. Don’t walk behind a game in progress. Wait for the stoppage of play.
  2. Be courteous when returning a loose ball from an adjacent court. Make sure to have the attention of their players before sending them their ball.
  3. Keep celebrations sportsmanlike – no excessive or over the top celebrations.
  4. When asked to play with a group be mindful of their skill and interest level and adjust the level of play accordingly.
  5. When in doubt about the correct call for an “out” rules say final decision goes to the opponent.
  6. Be prompt with your court times. If reserved, begin and end at the reserved time. If open play, be courteous to those who are waiting to play.
  7. Be familiar with the official rules of Pickleball
  8. Finish your matches by walking to net, tap paddles and say, “Good Game.”
  9. Respect your opponents, venue and adjacent Pickleball game players.
  10. Notify staff of any court, net, Pickleball area of any issues immediately